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Metal roofing advanages

Metal roofs have come a long way from the corrugated tin roofs that were once used in rural homes and farm buildings. Residential metal roofs can be attractive and durable and they are enjoying an increase in popularity for various reasons: Warranties range from 30-50 years when a metal roof is installed properly. Metal roofs…

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The Basics of Roof Maintenance

A roof system is arguably the most vulnerable part of a building’s exterior. Ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, hail and snow will all affect a roof system’s performance over time.   The performance and longevity of a roof is based on good design, quality materials, proper installation, and a preventive maintenance program. Roof maintenance is critical…

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Roof Maintenance is important

  Our roofs withstand a wide variety of elements such as the sun and rain, not to mention the harsh Canadian winter weather. Depending on the season, the roof will be the hottest and coldest part your home, yet it tends to be the most neglected part of the structure. Although one might not give…

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