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Many people believe that metal roofing is just for fancy commercial buildings or old barns. In the last 30 years there have been many advancements and changes in metal roofing. There are tons of houses and buildings in Calgary that already have metal roofs installed with happy, worry free customers. 

There are tons of different options such as metal shingles, metal panels, standing seam metal roofing, stone coated steel roofing and more. if you have any questions that you would like a direct answer to quickly please contact us now. i have listed below a few questions that are commonly asked about metal roofing in Calgary.



Is metal roofing good forever?

That all depends on a few different things, was the right metal roofing product used for the application? Good quality metal roofing done by good metal roofing installers will last a lifetime.most manufactureres will give a 50 year warranty on the paint finish. The metal itself cannot break down so as long as the correct material was used by good installers the answer is yes, most types of metal roofing will last a lifetime.  Contact us


Is metal roofing expensive?

Again this is going to come down to the type of metal roofing and the building its being installed on. the most cost effective metal roofing is a corrugated screw down metal roofing. Corrugated screw down metal roofing will not last as long as a standing seam metal roof but it does cost half as much. When you consider the lifecycle of metal roofing compared to other roofing options you will see that it costs the same if not less than other options in the long run. click here to find out how much it will cost to replace your roof.



Can i install metal roofing myself?

Just like your mom told you, you can do anything :). yes of course you can install metal roofing yourself but the question is do you want to? if your roofing a garage or shed then yes i would say give it a shot. If your putting new metal roofing on your house and have never done it before i may reconsider. It takes skilled roofers weeks to install a metal roof, with once screw up or small leak there is no profit left in the job so unless you are a skilled craftsman it would be beneficial to contact a pro.



Is metal roofing Hail proof?

This is a common question when it comes to metal roofing in Calgary. Due to the large number of hail storms customers are trying to prevent increasing premiums and paying deductibles. if you choose the cheapest thin gauge metal roofing option you will be able to see dents from hail. There are heavier gauge metals available that will not be damaged by an average Calgary hail storm. Stone coated steel or metal roofing tiles are also a great option when it comes to metal roofing. If you have more questions about Hail proof roofing click here.



photo of brown metal roof

photo of brown metal roof

photo of brown metal roof

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