Metal Roof Calgary

Metal Roofing Calgary

Metal roofing was long ago limited to farm buildings and commercial projects. Metal roofing in Calgary is growing more and more every year. The number of homeowners switching to metal roofing options is growing by the day. 

Why do people switch to metal roofing?
Metal roofing is a green option that lasts. Metal roofing is 100% recyclable and is a good choice for the environment. Another Benefit to using metal roofing in Calgary is that it is hail proof! yes if you get an extremely light gauge metal it can dent due to hail damage but metal roofing will not leak due to hail. if you choose a heavy enough gauge of metal roofing it will not even dent in an average hail storm. 

Is metal roofing expensive? 


Thats a tough question… the initial cost to install a metal roof is often higer due to the process taking longer and all the pieces being custom made for your roof. When you take the entire life cycle of your roof into consideration metal roofing is the more cost effective option. 

Is metal roofing hard to install?

Metal roofing is just like anything else in construction. its not hard to do if someone who knows how teaches you what to do. If you have a house and are considering installing it yourself i suggest you to watch some you tube videos and see if its something your interested in doing. sometimes the cost of the tools and the possibility of a leak will outweigh any potential money you would save by doing a metal roof yourself. 

How much does a metal roof cost?

that all depends on the type of metal roof you choose. there are many options, warranties and price points. At Southern Roofing & Waterproofing we deal with all different types of roofing and can surely come up with an option that will work for you. for more information contact us now! 

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