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There are many roofing contractors out there…
Canada is an entrepreneurial country, this has many benefits. Almost anyone can go to the registry and open a business, while this is awesome for the entrepreneur it can be problematic for the average homeowner.
Our southern Alberta storm season brings many new contractors with it. They all claim to be the “biggest” and “best” contractor in the industry. Some are so passionate and have such conviction when they say these things it can even be convincing! This is scary.

Why is it Scary? Well yes its correct that roofing does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but at the same time it is not something you can learn without having it taught to you. Even tougher than learning/doing the actual roofing itself is being a roofing contractor. Quality control, warranty work, and sub-trade management is something new contractors are not familiar with. Many roofers make mistakes while installing a roof and a professional roofer/roof inspector needs to be able to pick these problems out before damage is caused to the home.

A common phrase you will hear inexperienced contractors or roofers say is “ i/we have never had a leak” LOL this is too funny and a sign to be wary. We here at southern Alberta Construction/Southern roofing have had many leaks… yes many. sounds bad eh? I guess its all how you look at it. We have done well over 5000 roofs so yes some have leaked. Our quality control processes, employee/sub-trade hiring, and screening processes have been built over time with experience. We have not had a leak in a few years but before our processes were refined we had some issues here and there.

hail insurance

We have had roof leaks that have caused $15,000.00 damage to homes, I have seen other contractors mess up roof ventilation and cause $40,000.00 worth of mold damage to peoples houses. We correct ALL of our own mistakes and many mistakes of other roofing contractors who won’t take responsibility for them. The most important part of a contractors reputation is what they have done to correct mistakes they have made, if they are telling you they have not made mistakes then they are either lying or have not been doing it long enough.

Why Should I hire my insurance companies preferred vendor?

There are a few reasons you should consider going with the contractor recommended by your insurance provider. The first one is that your insurance company trusts them. An insurance company sends out millions of dollars of work a year, this should be a sign that they know what they are doing. Insurance companies are very selective when it comes to choosing vendors to send work to, they confirm insurance coverage, required certifications, volume capacity and more. they don’t just interview people at the table and say “I really like him”. The process to become a preferred vendor is a long one that requires high-quality work, accurate estimates and second to none warranty.

Another great factor to consider is that your insurance company will warranty the work of your contractor- you have to double check this with your broker/insurer but many companies will warranty the work of the contractor they send to the insured. For example, The Cooperators insures their contractor work for life- Yes that’s correct LIFE. If the contractor is negligent and it comes back to haunt you 1,2,7,38 years later, Some insurers will cover the cost to correct the work. That is unbeatable in my opinion and it would be foolish to take a chance on a contractors work that did not come with the same guarantee.

How will I know if a Contractor is good or not?

Again, if your insurer sent you the contractor there is a great chance the contractor is reputable and capable. I would recommend staying away from anyone who is searching door to door for work. All good contractors have a customer base that is calling them after a storm so if someone is acting on your door telling you they are the biggest and best you can almost guarantee that is not the truth- if they were the biggest and best people would be calling them and it would be unnecessary for them to be knocking on peoples door during a storm.

I hope this article has helped you get a feel for some things to look for when hiring a roofing contractor after a storm. if you have any questions please feel free to call or email me with the information below.

photo of hail damaged shingles

Hail damaged roof

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