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Add Life to Cedar Shake Roofs & Prevent Moss Growth

By mark1 | Sep 24, 2014

Moss growing on wooden roofs cans extreme damage. During rain, moss retards the shedding of water, which promotes leaks. After the rain stops, moss prevents the surface of the roof from drying which promotes the growth of wood-rotting organisms. Another major reason to keep your roof in good shape is to protect the insulation. A…

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Understanding all the Roofing Problems

By mark1 | Aug 28, 2014

A roof is there to protect our homes from the elements. It provides us with warmth and shelter and it maintains our comfort all year long. It is for this reason that we should take good care of our roofs by conducting regular maintenance checkups. Roofing problems become a hassle when we don’t recognize them…

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What is Cedar Shake Roofing

By mark1 | Jul 14, 2014

Cedar shakes undoubtedly make one of the most appealing roof surfaces. They are attractively rustic, wind resistant and have high insulation capacity. In addition to providing these benefits, cedar shake roofing comes with demands for regular maintenance and repair. Shakes are different from shingles. A shingle is tapered and smooth on both surfaces for a…

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Tufdek Deck Waterproofing

By mark1 | Jul 2, 2014

Decks are important to the architecture of any home due to their ability to extend the living area and make the interior space appear larger. Decks also carry the added advantages of increasing the real estate value of a property and providing a low-maintenance outdoor area that keeps energy costs down. Rain, snow and ultraviolet…

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Spring Rooftop Maintenance

By mark1 | May 20, 2014

The roof is often the most ignored and forgotten property component although it is the most expensive property item to replace or maintain. With the onset of warmer spring weather, it is now time to carry out the annual spring cleaning and roof maintenance project. Routine, annual inspections are critical to mitigating roof damage over…

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Roof Maintenance of Commercial Building

By mark1 | Apr 28, 2014

One of the most significant exterior features on a commercial building is the roof and commercial property owners must take steps to regularly maintain the condition of their roofing system. The overall condition of a commercial property’s exterior will affect its repair needs, curb appeal, energy efficiency and value over the years. Southern Roofing and…

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Shovelling Snow off Your Roof

By mark1 | Mar 12, 2014

Winter rooftop maintenance and snow shoveling is probably the least favorite subject for all of us. Most of us do not like shoveling the snow in our own backyards let alone our front doorstep, so imagine having to shovel snow on a high rooftop with the frigid ice-cold wind slamming against your face at 15…

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Vinyl Deck Failure

By mark1 | Feb 26, 2014

Vinyl decking is a waterproof membrane that is used as a surfacing for decks.   It can have designs or it can be plain. Vinyl decking is made by many different manufacturers: Dura Deck, Dektek, Weatherdeck, Tufdek, Econodek are just a few of them.   A large portion of vinyl decks are installed over a…

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Why Roof Ventilation is So Important ?

By mark1 | Feb 12, 2014

An increasingly popular and highly effective method of ventilating an attic is the ridge vent, a continuous cap-like vent that runs along the ridge or peak of the home’s roof. The ridge vent provides an outlet for problem-causing superheated air in summer and moisture in winter. The way ridge vents work is very simple. Air…

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