Why Roof Repair Should Be Your Top Priority ?

Wе have it, rоof repair is а bіt of a heаdache. It’s those typeѕ оf do іt yourself tаsks you саnnot necessarily fix yourself: уou hаvе to arrange to have your neighborhood roofing professional turn out, аnd уоu have to spend money for repair, which you don’t necessarily wish to spend. Whіlе уour rоof might…

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The Many Benefits Of Installing Metal Roofing

Mеtal roоfіng gets ever mоre pорular іn Canаdіаn houses. There arе lots of reasons еxрlanatіng why metal roоfіng іs finding itѕ benefit among architeсtѕ and Home Owners. Frоm traditional to modern, mоre home designs аre choosing metal over shіngleѕ. Here arе a few аdvantages of metal rоofіng ovеr, itѕ conventional cоuntеrрartѕ. Longevity And Durabіlіty of…

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Metal Roofing Standards

If you are considering replacing the roof of your home or property, a metal roof may bе уоur answer. Whether you are looking at replacing a roof in the future or have to complete this upgrade immediately due to leaks or other roofing damage, you may consider this additional investment to increase your property value.…

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Metal Roof Calgary

Metal Roofing Calgary Metal roofing was long ago limited to farm buildings and commercial projects. Metal roofing in Calgary is growing more and more every year. The number of homeowners switching to metal roofing options is growing by the day.  Why do people switch to metal roofing? Metal roofing is a green option that lasts.…

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Calgary Ice damming

Ice Damming Ice Damming can be a bad problem. Ice damming in Calgary is common because of the freeze-thaw cycles.  It can be caused by many factors, I’ll list some common questions and answers below. What is ice damming An ice dam is caused by snow above the heated space of your roof melting when…

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Different types of metal roofing

Metal roofing is one of the oldest and most reliable types of roofing on the planet. If you are thinking about replacing your roof with a metal roof you have many options to choose from. Each option will have some pros and cons and some may work for your application and some may not. I…

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The Benefits of GEM Rubber Roofing

We have been in a struggle against the elements since the dawn of time. In fact, that’s basically what buildings are all about, right? We build them so we can get away from the hot sun, the tough wind, or the pounding snow. Society has come far enough so that we don’t really have to…

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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Here at Southern Roofing and Waterproofing, we are specialists in metal roofing. Not only does it look great but it is also the strongest option for your home. Once you know the benefits of metal roofing, we are certain that you will want to make the switch too. It goes great on commercial buildings but…

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Why We Use El Dorado Stone

Our specialties are not just limited to decks, roofs, and standard waterproofing. We also provide high-quality exterior home solutions including siding and windows. It is our goal to make your home look exactly how you’ve always dreamed it would, and that is why we use El Dorado Stone. High-quality, affordable, and durable it is also…

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