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Why James Hardi siding?

Our southern Alberta weather is something to be reckoned with, hail storms are a common occurrence and vinyl siding just isn't making the cut. Rising deductlble costs and lower coverage amounts mean that now going with the cheaper vinyl siding option could cost you more in the long run ."

Non Combustible

James Hardi siding will not catch fire or melt like other types of siding such as vinyl or wood. 


Although the Hardi factory applied paint is amazing and will last a lifetime, you are able to  paint it if you so choose to down the road. This Siding will last a lifetime,

Pest proof

James Hardi siding is not susceptible to termites , woodpeckers and other pests. Unlike wood siding and EFIS stucco hardi cannot be damaged by pests in your yard. 

Best Value

Hardi is the most popular type of siding in North Amercia and for good reason. It lasts and offers the customer an ROI that cannot be beat. 

Made for our climate

Every different climate zone has different temperature swings humidity and thermal issues. James hardi Climate zone makes sure that the siding installed on your home is made for the weather it will have to withstand. 

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