Masonry and Stone Veneer



An exterior renovation would not be complete without some masonry or stone veneer. Facing your home with stone will increase the value and give it a premium look from the street.



Natural stone comes from a mountain or quarry and installed using wire mesh, and grout. The cost of natural stone on the front of your house will range depending on the type and amount of stone you choose. Natural stone can be very heavy when compared to stone veneer. Natural takes a more skilled mason to install as the pieces need to be chiseled to fit together nicely. There are many natural stone suppliers.



Stone Veneer is Concrete that is shaped and textured to look like real stone, it is applied the same way but is much lighter and easier to install as the pieces are come pre made and fit nicely together. unless you are aware that the stone veneer is not actual real stone it is almost impossible to tell.


If you are considering adding stone to the front of your home or replacing old bricks please Contact us so we can come out and give you an idea on the potential costs factors that could affect your project.



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